Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2009 is everything you hope it will be and more!

And good news (I hope)! One of my resolutions for 2009 is to update this thing more often. A lot has been going on in the past couple months, so there's lots to catch up on.

The highlights include a trip to paradise, a fun family Christmas, and a possible relationship blossoming for yours truly! (Cross your fingers on the last one).

More to come in '09...


Monday, November 24, 2008

Pay It Forward

I just found this story very inspiring given all the economic doom and gloom we get on the news lately. I'm not saying everyone should go out and buy a stranger a latte, but it would certainly be nice if we could all find a random nice thing to do for a stranger during the coming holiday season.

The story:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Racism - still alive and well :-(

Today I was in Austin, and when I finished work, I decided to get a haircut while I was still down there so I could allow some of the traffic to thin out. I stopped at a haircut salon I used to go to while I lived there and put my name on the list for the first available individual.

After several minutes, and several customers being called, a handsome middle-eastern barber called the man who's name was on the list right above mine. The man was seated near me, and suddenly he announced he had "forgotten I have to be somewhere." Then, as he walked out the door, he turned to me and said "there's no way I'm letting a terrorist cut MY hair".

Well thank GOD the barber didn't hear the comment! He just said something about "I wonder why he sat there so long before he realized he had to be somewhere?". But I'm sure based on the man's reaction and the fact my bottom jaw was on the floor for a good ten minutes, he had to have figured it out.

I felt so bad for him. He was a really nice guy, making an honest living, and doing a good job cutting hair (at least he did a good job with mine), and some closed minded person treats him like that because his ancestry, which he has no control over, happens to be different.

I wish I could have been quick minded enough to say something to the racist jerk. Unfortunately, the shock of the moment left me completely speechless so I didn't get to tell him what I thought about his feelings of having a "terrorist cut his hair."

Racism and hatred suck.

A Very Direct Attack on my Vanity!

This past weekend saw the annual pilgramage of one of my best friends from college and I going to Lubbock to catch a Tech football game. Who knew that when we flew out Saturday morning that the day could turn into such a tragedy for my fragile ego?!?!

First, in order to understand why this might have happened, it is important for me to note that this game was the official "Family Day" football game for the year. We did not know that at the time we made the decision to attend the game.

Upon leaving the hotel to head to the stadium, two women joined us in the elevator. We made typical small talk in the elevator while riding down, when one of the women asked us if we had children attending Tech. Now excuse me - I am 31!! To have an 18 year old freshman, I would have had to father the thing at the age of 13. Now granted, that IS biologically possible, but let me assure everyone that if I HAD fathered a child at age 13 (and yes - we know there are many reasons that couldn't have happened) I would still be grounded by my parents at the age of 31 and not be allowed to attend any Tech football games.

Therefore, I can only assume that the woman must have figured I am older than 31. A LOT older than 31. Now I know that I am not exactly a Backstreet Boy-esque young guy (and yes - that certainly ages me), but seriously - old enough to have a kid in college?

Well, little does this woman know how close she came to death in that elevator! Lucky for her the shock of even being asked had not worn off by the time the elevator reached the lobby. The anger set in somewhere in the parking lot on the way to the car, and she had managed to escape by then.

So now the question for my friends - do I really look so old and tired that I look like I could have a kid in college? And yes - this post is a desperate attempt to get compliments, so send them! ;-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hurricane Harbor

So this past week saw some of my family visiting from Florida. On Sunday, I volunteered to take my young cousins (ages 10 & 12) to Hurricane Harbor so my mom and their mom could enjoy some quality adult time without the k-i-d-s.

This marked the first time I had been to the waterpark in at least 10 years. My how the environment has changed! When I worked out there in 1993, the waterpark was known as a family destination. Well, I think at some point the focus must have shifted from family fun to "move your trailer into the parking lot and join us for trailer trash swimming!" Now I hate to sound snobbish, but I just can't help it. I must have been the only adult male with all of my teeth in my mouth and the only one without tattoos.

Speaking of tattoos, what parents are letting their MINOR children get tattoos. And I don't mean one small little tattoo on the ankle. I'm talking massive amounts of body art! Does nobody think to explain to their 16 year old son that he might not want his girlfriend at the time's name permanently tattooed across his chest?

In summary, all I can say is that after seeing all the kids/teenagers out there yesterday, I feel very reaffirmed in my belief I don't want children of my own someday.

I'm getting off the mainland!

Wow! What a weekend! Saturday evening saw me and some of my very best friends attending Stomp at the Fair Park Music Hall. While I found parts of the show exciting and interesting, parts of it really seemed to drag along. I found the scene where they made music with the plastic tubes really cool, and the scene where they suspended themselves in the air and played makeshift drum sets was absolutely awesome. I also thought the way they managed to communicate commands for the audience to react certain ways without ever uttering a single word was incredibly interesting. Someone really has mastered the study of non-verbal communication!

So afterwards, we dropped my "date" for the evening off at his loft and the 4 of us remaining headed over to Craft at the W. Our waiter at dinner (Urbano - great little Italian restaurant in uptown that everyone should try!) had recommended it to us for dessert, and we figured what the hell. I ordered the cheesecake and while I thought it was OK, I didn't think it lived up to the hype. Other dishes ordered at the table included a blueberry cobbler with Mexican Vanilla ice cream and an ice cream sampler that can only be described as Baskin Robbins 31 flavors all crammed onto one small plate! The cherry and strawberry ice creams were delicious, but the robitussin ice cream was not (it wasn't really robitussin - it just tasted like cough syrup!).

Well, the best part of the night to me was that my friends once again brought up their Hawaii trip coming up in December, and once again said I should go. Since some vacation ideas I had thought I was going to do fell through, I figured what the hell. So I'm happy to say this morning I booked a flight to Maui in December, and I will be joining my friends on this vacation! Needless to say, I am VERY VERY excited!!! I know this trip will be a great time for all of us!

So as I indicated in the title, Jeff is getting off the mainland!!! (And boy I can't wait!!!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm not 24 anymore

So last night, I get a call from a couple girlfriends that want me to go to Juniors with them. I had just finished dinner with a couple of friends, so I figured "what the hell!".

Now when I was 24 and living in Austin, I went out a lot of Wednesday nights, would stay out until 1am or so, and still be functioning at work at 8am in the morning.

Last night, at my ripe age of xx (like I'm going to say!), I was back home in bed at 11pm, and struggled to make it into the office by 8am where I felt like killing someone in my mildly hungover state of mind.

Oh the memories of youth!